Difference between No-Follow and Do-follow Blog Links

If you desire to make your website optimal for different search engines, then you cannot limit yourself to online optimization. The more links pointing to your website the more are the chances of good ranking in search engines. You may find that there are a few links having high values, but there are other links, which are completely useless.

No-Follow and Do-Follow - Attributes

No-follow and do-follow attributes basically means explaining a link in a better manner. If you have attribute of "no-follow", it may determine that the various search engines do not recognize your link as a back link.

Blog software programs are different from the article directory. Generally, blog software has attribute of "no-follow" itself applied on any hyperlink in the form of comment.

A technician, who designs or maintains a website, has the information that link building is an essential element in search engine optimization process. Due to this reason they post dissimilar links and advertisements in their web log. You may find that these advertisements have two or more links connected to them. These people do such a thing for acquiring higher page rank and superior ranking in different search engines. Numerous people across the world consider this work as the dirtiest hat work tactics. People refer these individuals as spammers.

Links with attributes such as dissimilar advertisements available in link that may further have a few more links are called as no-follow and links excluding them are do-follow. Generally, webmasters or spammers use no-follow to reduce the value of dissimilar links on their websites. A technician, who designs or maintains a website, can use the attribute of no-follow to reduce the worth of other links on their websites.

The following are two ways through which you can determine whether a particular link is do-follow or no-follow:

  1. 1. Initially you need to check the source of the page. Once you complete the checking, you need to load the entire site in your browser and proceed by pressing the mouse button. You need to select the option of `view page source` from the menu select. You can open the source in a notepad or related text editor. Next, press ctrl + F, fill no-follow in the search box and then press enter for searching different no-follow attributes. In this manner, you can find different links on the site, which are no-follow.


  1. 2. It is common among blogger community to use no-follow attribute. However, there are numerous web log owners, who realize that value comments mean additional worth for their blogs. You may find that a variety of search engines’ interest in new and updated information and comments are good source of new information. It is common tendency among web log owners to attract large number of people to post their comments. There are few owners, who may turn off the attribute of no-follow, because they understand the fact that visitors may not post their comments free of cost.

You may find forum owners using different strategies. The general method that forum owners follow is by allowing do-follow links in your signature and including attribute of no-follow in the post body.